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A local Malaysian initiative to promote home composting for landed properties


About the initiative

Composting is the most cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to handle most of the organic waste generated by Malaysian households.

But there are many preconceptions about composting that prevent households from trying it out. It only takes a few important steps to set up a successful, healthy  and 'non-smelly' home compost.


We hope to provide most of the relevant information here. 

Why home composting?

The most cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to handle organic waste

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Organic waste accounts for ~50% of the waste generated by Malaysian households including kitchen and garden waste. That is around 18.000 tons per day. 

Source: Survey on Solid Waste Composition, Characteristics & Existing Practice of Solid Waste Recycling in Malaysia, KPKT

In landfills organic waste creates methane a climate change gas 28x stronger than CO2. In 2016, Malaysian solid waste produced 11.2 million tons of CO2e. 

Source: Third Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCC, KASA

One of the benefits of home composting is that it improves the quality of surrounding soil which is often poor in residential areas due to the layers of construction waste underneath from development.

Source:  Composting at Home, United States Environmental Protection Agency

What we want to achieve is to build sustainable communities  
in Malaysia by … 

Garbage Factory

Raising awareness on the effects of organic waste

First and foremost, we want to raise awareness of the effects of organic waste in landfills. Only if we are conscious of this issue can Malaysians start to make better decisions. 


Providing a convenient solution to Malaysians 

Next, we want to provide a simple and convenient solution for Malaysians to tackle this problem through home composting. We hope to help reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, mitigating the effects of Methane. 

Walking in Water

Addressing climate change by reducing methane emissions 

Ultimately, the goal is to build sustainable communities that help to reduce Malaysia’s Greenhouse Gas emissions. This way each and everyone of us can contribute to our planetary health. 

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