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Our Solution

We help Malaysians reduce waste that would go to landfill by creating an environment that encourages them to adopt home composting. Our solution provides a system through which home composting can be easily practiced and the knowledge on how to do composting the right way. 

The Compost Bins 


Currently, these are the two compost bins we use to help Malaysians embark on their home composting journey. However keep a lookout, there are many more awesome compost bins out there!

How to set up your compost bin?

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Bin placement

Place your bin on a dry plot of land which is not sealed/tiled.

The liquids must be able to seep into the soil.

Quick tip: Place it next to a tree and preferably in a shady site to prevent compost microbes dying from high temperature



Diversity - Feed your compost bin with a wide variety of

organic materials for a richer compost, from organic kitchen scraps to fallen leaves and lawn clippings.


Base layer

Build the base layer by adding garden prunings or garden

waste at the base of your bin, followed by some good rich

garden soil (optional). Water the bin well to keep it moist.

Your compost bin is now ready to be used!



Mix your compost and add water on a weekly basis to keep up moisture and maintain aeration!

Compost is ready to be used after 6-8 weeks!

The Composting Workshop

The composting workshop will not only teach you how to reduce waste going into landfill, but also its benefits. When coming up with a solution, we quickly realized that providing a system to compost alone is insufficient. It is important that we educate Malaysians on the right and most efficient way to do it.

The composting workshop will combine some theory with a practical demonstration. It is a great opportunity for those who are new to clarify any questions and clear any doubts. We want Malaysians to transition towards practicing home composting as seamlessly as possible. 

Ground Control MY

Our composting partner

Ground Control is a KL based garden companion, that was set up to help Malaysians enjoy the pleasures and benefits of gardening.

They are the perfect mix of passion and process, consisting of a team that strives to deliver premium composts, soils, and mulches for farmers, landscapers, and home gardeners.

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