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How to get started?


Find 20 interested participants

To set your home composting journey into motion, you must first find 20-25 other interested individuals in your neighborhood.  Since we are a not-for-profit initiative with limited funds, it is important that we get at least 20 participants per workshop to fully utilise our resources.


Contact us

Once you've gathered 20 participants, register your interest with us by filling out the form below. Upon receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible via phone or email to discuss on suitable dates, location and time to conduct the workshop.  


Workshop + Composting  Bins

Once we've set a date and time, we can get down to business! We will be providing a free composting workshop led by Ground Control MY, as well as composting bins for the participants to purchase.  


Register your interest and we'll get back to you.


Thanks for submitting your interest!

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